Let Us Go Together

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Let Us Go Together
Let us go together to a place we’ve never been before
Over hills and valleys, even all around the world
There’s so much I want to show you, so much you need to see
Let us go together, you me.
Look! Can’t you see the new day dawning
Behold the sun is on  the rise
Everything you’ve known now is changing
Freedom comes as death gives way to life.
The deep things of the Spirit are for the asking
Things that the tongue will never tell
Deep calls to deep in the waters
The time has come to drink from my well.
All around you now My glory’s shining
My light for all the world to see
Out of your belly, living water
Flowing to set the captive free.
Side by side now let us go together
Hand in hand let’s walk the road before
Everything you need is in my keeping
Your mind cannot conceive what lies in store.