I Believe In Suddenly

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : I Believe In Suddenly
Holding to the promises that you have given me
Trying to not be moved by what I feel, and what I see
For what may seem impossible to the learned mind
Is merely just a blink away, a moment etched in time.
I know that you paid the price, to take away our sin
I also know that in that price we were made whole again
It's written in Your Word, and Your Word is very clear
We've been made complete in You, Love's removed all fear...so
I believe in suddenly, cause I believe in You
I believe that in a moments time, what's old can be made new
You're the God of restoration, there's nothing You can't do
I believe in suddenly, cause I believe in You
With You all things are possible, this I know is true
Faith can move a mountain, if that faith is based in You
It may take days, or months, or years, but it will come to pass
Your Word can't come back empty, cause It was made to last.
So with the dawn of each new day, O Lord I look to you
I thank for Your promises, I thank You for Your Truth
I thank You that You've made a way, for me to stand and fight
And for that moment etched in time, when my faith shall be sight.