You Are A Personal God

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : You Are A Personal God
For years now I've been searching, trying to find the way
To live within Your presence, each and every day
Successful as I've been at times, I've still failed to achieve
The place where I am living with my eyes on You, not me.
Oh I've heard so many teachings on how to walk with You
Man's rules and traditions on what to say and do.
Yet through the endless striving, I've come to understand
I won't find the answer in any formula of man....cause
You are a personal God
You are ever reaching out in love
Calling me to know You, as only I can know You
Calling me to me to walk with You each day, and never be the same.
One thing I've discovered, one thing I've come to see
No one else can know You for me, it simply cannot be
You are the same forever, unchangeable it's true
But, You reveal Yourself uniquely to all who come to You....cause
Now, You are always with me, You never turn away
And the more I come to know You, the more that I am changed
And living in Your presence, well I have come to see
Is walking with You daily, and learning how to be....cause