Faith Without Works

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Faith Without Works
Where is the good in a man who claims to have faith but has no deeds
Who sees a man hungry, wishes him well but does nothing to meet the need
Can such a faith save him? Does it have any worth? Or is it really faith at all?
Faith is more than what we think or believe, it’s obeying the Master’s call.
Faith without works is dead
Faith without works is just religion instead
For if what we believe, cannot be seen
Faith without works is dead.
God came to Abraham one day to prove that he really believed
He said “take your son Isaac to the top of the mountain, there sacrifice him for me”
Now Abraham believed God could raise the dead, so he was not afraid
To do everything that he had been asked, his action showed his faith.
Rahab was a prostitute in Jericho when the two spies came to her
They said “ if you will hide us we’ll guarantee your safety when we return”
Rahab believed and trusted the men for she had heard what the Lord had done
She hid them for days, then helped them escape, her actions and faith were one.
Now as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is the same
We need to take a closer look at the way we live our lives each day
For if we cannot reach out in love to those who are in need
 How will we ever answer the call to “step out and believe.”
Witten by Karl Berg © 2014